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Taxi fares:
For trips within the big Taipei area (including Taipei city and other counties nearby), a taxi always charges by meter. You may have to pay a bit more (NTD 30~50) for taking taxi at a taxi stop or for using the trunk to store your luggage.

Dial (02) followed by the 8 digit number for Taipei if you call from the CKS airport or anywhere outside the city. There are 3 kinds of public phones, in addition to the kind that takes credit cards. They take coins, (old type) phone cards, and (so-called) IC cards, respectively. So you may not want to buy a phone card until you know what kind of telephone can be found at your convenience. Dial 0 first when using the phone in your office.

110Volts, 60Hz.

Exchange rates:
Foreign currency exchange rates.

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Weather forecast for Taipei

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