TAROGE-3 Station Successfully Deployed

圖片 1

Figure 1: LPDA antennas on the lower tiers of TAROGE-3 station

(the other three towers are not shown in this photo)

The TAROGE (Taiwan Astroparticle Radiowave Observatory for Geo-synchrotron Emission) project, which is one of the main projects of the experimental group of LeCosPA, has successfully deployed its 3rd station at 1km elevation in Mt. Youngshih (勇士山) near the Heping (和平) Township in July 2018. TAROGE, a MOST Vanguard Program funded project, is a radio antenna array to detect ultra-high energy cosmic rays. It provides an effective method to collect sufficient statistics of the ultra-high energy cosmic rays by collecting both direct and ocean-reflected radio emissions from extensive air-showers as well as Earth-skimming cosmic tau-neutrinos. TAROGE-3 station that consists of 12 channels of double-stacked Log-periodic Dipole Array, was built at 1090 m elevation near the stiff slope of a mountain inside the Taiwan Cement Company’s mining zone. The TAROGE team successfully finalized and validated the TAROGE-3 station on July 14-17, 2018 after they finished the major structure of station in the early part of the year. After an initial calibration work, TAROGE-3 has been taking data smoothly with 100% duty cycle. The team plans to build three more stations on nearby mountains to enhance the detection sensitivity.

   圖片 2

Figure 2: Dr. Tsungche Liu (劉宗哲) works on installing of the front-end electronics

圖片 3

Figure 3: Shi-Hao Wang (王士豪) finishes installation of front-end electronics

圖片 4

Figure 4: Prof. Jiwoo Nam(南智祐)inspecting cables

圖片 5

Figure 5: Yu-Hsin Wang(王宇昕) and Shih-Ying Hsu(許世穎)working on the solar power array

圖片 6

Figure 6: Jian-Jung Huang (黃建中) checking the data acquisition system

圖片 7

Figure 7: Yaocheng Chen (陳耀程) works on geometry survey of antennas

圖片 8

Figure 8: The communication LTE antenna designed and manufactured by

undergraduate student Yun-Wu Lin (林芸伍)

圖片 9

Figure 9: Solar panels and antenna towers

圖片 10

Figure 10: Dr. BK Shin hikes the slope at the TAROGE-3 site

圖片 11

Figure 11: Mr. Wu after finishing the lightning rod installation

圖片 12

Figure 12: A collaboration dinner at a beef noodle shop in Heping