Name Title & Abstract Slide
Albrecht Karle Messengers from the High Energy Universe - Cosmic Neutrinos in Antarctic Ice Slide Download
Alexei A. Starobinsky Reconstruction of inflation in f(R) gravity and its formation from curvature singularity Slide Download
Andrea Addazi Testing Dark Matter models from Gravitational Waves Slide Download
Antonino Marciano Kac-Moody instantons in space-time foam as an alternative solution to the black hole information paradox Slide Download
Bin Wang Interaction between dark energy and dark matter Slide Download
Che-Yu Chen Avoidance for cosmological singularities via EiBI quantum cosmology Slide Download
Chien-I Chiang Quintessence Model Building in Supergravity Slide Download
Debaprasad Maity Connecting CMB and dark matter through reheating Slide Download
Dong-han Yeom How can we erase states inside the black hole? Slide Download
Fabien Nugier Confronting local standard candles and galaxy catalogues Slide Download
Fabio Scardigli The deformation parameter of the Generalized Uncertainty Principle Slide Download
Frederico Arroja Large-scale structure in mimetic Horndeski gravity Slide Download
Gabriele Veneziano Gravitational bremsstrahlung from transplanckian-energy collisions: results and open problems Slide Download
Haret Rosu Vacuum noise spectra in relativistic kinematics Slide Download
Henry T. Wong Direct Experimental Searches of WIMP Dark Matter Slide Download
James M. Nester Quasi-local energy from a 4D isometric reference Slide Download
Jiunn-Wei Chen What can atomic physics contribute to neutrino and light dark matter detections? Slide Download
John Carlstrom The Next Generation Ground-Based Cosmic Microwave Background Experiment, CMB-S4 Slide Download
John Ellis From Cosmological Inflation to the Standard Model Slide Download
Keisuke Izumi Loosely trapped surface Slide Download
Kung-Yi Su Stellar feedback, morphological quenching and magnetic fields do not stop the cooling flow - A toy model with turbulent stirring could work Slide Download
Lance Labun Predicting radiation in the high-acceleration regime Slide Download
Li-Wei Wei Fundamental physics with high-power continuous-wave lasers: gravitational wave detection and axion-like particle search Slide Download
Mariam Bouhmadi López Digging into the dark side of the universe Slide Download
Masahiro Hotta Entanglement Beyond Page Curves in Black-hole Evaporation Qubit Model Slide Download
Michael Good Temperature and Scale-Independent Acceleration via a Moving Mirror and its Black Hole counterpart Slide Download
Misao Sasaki Inflationary massive gravity and gravitational waves Slide Download
Rio Saitou Generic analysis of kinetically driven inflation Slide Download
Sang Pyo Kim Schwinger pair production in electromagnetic field in (A)dS Space Slide Download
Shih-Yuin Lin Quantum radiation by an Unruh-DeWitt detector in oscillatory motion Slide Download
Suddhasattwa Brahma Constraining (loop) quantum gravity Slide Download
Taotao Qiu Effective Field Theory of Nonsingular Cosmology Slide Download
William Unruh Black Hole Information Loss Slide Download
Yen Chin Ong Holographic Superconductor Complexity Slide Download
Yun-Long Zhang Holographic Screens in Flat Spacetime Slide Download