1. International Journal of Modern Physics D

Gravitation; Astrophysics and Cosmology

Guest-Editor-in Chief: Pisin Chen

Guest Editor (also serve as referees): Topical Parallel Session Organizers

Author Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Detailed Guidelines

  1. Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not under consideration for publication with other journals. Once a paper is accepted, authors are assumed to have transferred the copyright of the paper to World Scientific. Authors are encouraged to include their funding information in the submission to facilitate the potential conversion to open access once the paper is accepted.
  2. All submitted articles will be acknowledged and articles that are to be considered for publication will be refereed. Authors may recommend appropriate persons as referees for their papers, but this in no way binds the editors to follow their suggestions. Authors may also request to remain anonymous to the referees.
  3. The manuscript, including the abstract, references, tables, figures and figure captions, should be clearly typed in English, double-spaced for A4 or letter-sized paper, with an ample margin around the text.
  4. Legible, compact notation should be used so long as it conforms to current practice. Each symbol must be clear, either typed neatly or written in ink and properly aligned to distinguish superscripts and subscripts. Vectors are denoted by arrows at the top, or should be in bold. Sections and subsections of a paper are numbered with Arabic numerals; so are tables and figures. Each page of the manuscript should be numbered at the top.
  5. References are numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals, in the order of first appearance, and are designated by numbered superscripts in the text. They should be listed at the end of the text. The general format preferred is as follows:
    1. F. Wilczek, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 7 (1992) 3911.
    2. J. D. Bjorken, in Lecture Notes on Current-Induced Reactions, eds. J. Komeret al. (Springer, Heidelberg, 1975).
    3. A. Bohr and B. R. Mottelson, Nuclear Structure, Vol. 1 (Benjamin, New York, 1969), pp. 100-102.
    4. R. C. Webb, PhD thesis, Princeton University, 1972.
    5. T. Toimela, Helsinki Research Institute for Theoretical Physics, Report No. HU-TFT-82-37, 1982 (unpublished).
    6. I. L. Shapiro and J. Sola, hep-ph/0104182.
  6. Footnotes, other than those referring to acknowledgments and information on grants, should be labelled alphabetically and placed at the bottom of the manuscript page (and not listed separately).
  7. Tables and figures are also numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text. Figures, which may be embedded in the text or separate, should be black and white (or half-tone) and of a good resolution and sharpness. Compressed formats, such as JPEG, should not use heavy compression, which introduces undesirable artifacts. Bitmap figures, such as photographs or half-tone images, should be at least 300dpi (TIFF, BMP, or JPEG). Vector (line-art) figures, such as charts and technical drawings, should be 600-1200dpi (EPS, PS, PDF). The native formats of software packages will not be permitted.
  8. A condensed paper title (for running heads) should also be provided.
  9. Papers submitted will not be returned to the authors. There is no page charge.
  10. Authors receive FREE PDFs of their published articles (rather than free paper offprints). Authors who would like paper offprints will still be able to order them at reasonable rates (please request an order form).
  11. IMPORTANT: Visit our Author Rights page to find out about the permissions given to authors to use their PDFs as well as their submitted or accepted preprint articles.

Author Manuscript Preparation Instructions

LaTeX2e Style Guide

World Scientific has produced a style/template document in LaTeX2e format for authors contributing to International Journal of Modern Physics D (IJMPD).

The World Scientific LaTeX2e class file and the sample coded file are located on the website in zip format called ijmpd-2e.zip. Download and unzip this. Once unzipped successfully, you will find the following files:

LaTeX2e class file
sample LaTeX coded file for Typesetting Manuscripts
sample Typeset pages
Figure/Image file
Bibliography style file for BiBTeX users
Sample BiBTeX database
sample file coded in BiBTeX
pdf version of ws-ijmpd_bib.tex

Click here to download the above files.

For help with the use of the World Scientific LaTeX2e class file, please e-mail to either: ykoh@wspc.com.sg or rajesh@wspc.com.sg

Page Limits for Articles

Plenary speakers may use up to approximately 10 pages per papers for publishing in IJMPD.