Yun-Chung Chen 陳允中




R8W2, Chee-Chun Leung Cosmology Hall (CCLCH), NTU



Current Research Interests

Dark matter, especially axion’s theory and it’s constraints from cosmology.


My love with physics started from high school, especially from the participation of IPHO (International Physics Olympiad), which I gladly got a    gold medal, but more importantly, I had the chance to know many physics lover and also learned a lot during the activity. Now I wanted to dig more into the central part of nowadays physics problem: dark matter. I think this is the big problem in many different research areas, like astronomy, particle physics and cosmology, which is very interesting because its close relation with so many areas. Besides, I am a railway lover, especially with the beautiful view and landscape. I also like to play table tennis, badminton and piano (favorite of Chopin and Debussy).