Unruh, William (Former Visiting Fellow)


visiting scholar (from April, 2017)

Home Institution

University of British Columbia


R803, Astro-Math Bldg.

Selected Publications

- W. Unruh “Has Hawking Radiation been measured?” arxiv:1401.6612 Foundations of Physics (to appear 2014)

- W Unruh “Universal coordinates for Schwarzschild black holes” arxiv:1401.3393 submitted to Am. J Phys.

- Q Wang, W Unruh “Motion of a mirror under infinitely fluctuating quantum vacuum stress “ arxiv:1312:4591 , Phys Rev D (to appear 2014)

- W. Unruh “Quantum Noise in Amplifiers and Hawking/Dumb-Hole Radiation as Amplifier Noise” arXiv:1107.2669 Analog Spacetimes: the first thirty years ed V Cardosa, L Crispino et al isbn 978-85-7861-231-3 (2014)

- W. Unruh “ Irrotational Two dimensional fluid surface waves in fluids” in Analog Gravity Phenomenology ed D Faccio et al , Lecture Notes in Physics 870 Springer (2013)

- W. Unruh “Temperature of a Decoherent Oscillator with Strong Coupling” Phil Trans. Roy Soc A 370 p 4460-4468 (2012); arXiv:1110.2217

- R Schuetzhold, W Unruh “Comment on ‘Hawking Radiation from Ultrashort laser Pulse Filaments’” Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 149401 (2011)

- G.Brassard, R.Cleve, R.Laflamme, W.Unruh “Quantum Information Processing” Report to the CIAR (80pp)(2002)