Shin, Bokkyun 辛福鈞


Junior fellow


Ph.D. in Physics, Hanyang University
B.S. in Physics, Hanyang University






* Scholarship of student researcher, Korea Student Aid Foundation, 2009
* Best Presentation Award (Poster), Korean Physical Society Meeting 2010 Spring, Korean Physical Society, 2010
* Scholarship of best student, Lotte Foundation, 2010 ~ 2012
* Best Presentation Award (Oral), Korean Physical Society Meeting 2013 Autumn, Korean Physical Society, 2013


Current Research Interests

— Ultra High Energy (UHE) Cosmic Rays and Neutrino, to research origin of the most energetic phenomena in the universe.
— Air fluorescence yield, an important parameter to determine  the energy scale of UHECR
— Radio detection technique, suitable for covering a huge area to detection UHE Neutrino and Cosmic Rays

Selected Publications

BK Shin et al. ”Calibration of the TA Fluorescence Detectors with Electron Light Source”, PoS ICRC2015 (2016) 640
BK Shin et al. ”Camera PMT Calibration of Fluorescence Telescopes for the Telescope Array Experiment”, Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Vol. 57, No. 6, pp. 1516-1521, June 2010
T.Abu-Zayyad et al., “Energy spectrum of ultra-high energy cosmic rays observed with the Telescope Array using a hybrid technique”, Astropart. Phys., 61, 93-101 (2014)