Huang, Ming-Huey A. 黃明輝


Adjunct Fellow

Home Institution

Department of Energy & Resources, National United University


Ph.D. in Physics, U. of Utah
B.S. in Physics, NTNU


R. 1053, Administration Building, NUU





Current Research Interests

Cosmic neutrinos:

  • Numerical simulation: include neutrino interaction with the Earth and air shower.
  • Experimental detection

Gamma rays:

  • Detect gamma rays by Compton scattering with 3D-Ge detector
  • Balloon flight to test Compton telescope

Cosmic rays

  • Correlation between cosmic ray flux and thunderstorm/lighting
  • Quark-Net

Energy and Solar power

  • Solar power system design
  • Concentrating solar power

Selected Publications

“Global albedo particles: a new approach from loss cone distributions”
by Kaiti Wang and Ming-Huey A. Huang, J. Geophy. Res. 113, A09207. (doi:10.1029/2007JA012916, 2008)

“SHINIE: Simulation of High Energy Neutrino Interacting with the Earth”
by M. A. Huang, Proceeding of ISVHECRI-2006, Weihai, China (Aug. 2006), Nucl. Phys. B (proc. supl.), 175–176, 472–475 (2008).

“Laboratory Astrophysics in Taiwan”
by G. L. Lin et al., Proc. of the Joint Workshop on Laser-Beam Interactions and Laser and Plasma Accelerators, (12/12-16, 2005, Taipei, Taiwan), Int’l J. of Modern Physics B 21, 378-388 (02/10/2007).

“Air fluorescence measurements in the spectral range 300-420 nm using a 28.5 GeV electron beam”
by FLASH collaboration, R. Abbasi, … M. A. Huang, … et al., Astropart. Phys. 29, 77-86 (2008/2) [arXiv: astroph/0708.3116].

“Measurement of pressure dependent fluorescence yield of air: Calibration factor for a UHECR detectors”
by FLASH collaboration, J. W. Belz et al., Astropart. Phys. 25, 129-139 (2006/3) [SLAC-PUB-11254].

“Comparison of ionization measurements of EM shower depth profiles: test of UHECR detector technique”
by FLASH collaboration, J. W. Belz et al., Astropart. Phys. 25, 57-63 (2006/1) [SLAC-PUB-11513].

“Ultra high energy ντ detection with a cosmic ray tau neutrino telescope using fluorescence/Cerenkov light technique”
by Z. Cao, M. A. Huang, P. Sokolsky, Y. Hu, J. Phys. G 31, 571-582 (2005/7) [astro-ph/0411677].

“Energy spectrum of Tau leptons induced by the high energy Earth Skimming Neutrinos”
by J. J. Tseng, … M. A. Huang, … et al., Phys. Rev. D68, 063003 (2003/9) [astro-ph/0305507].


“Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” My academic career is full of twists and turns, most of time I moved to a new direction without knowing the future. My astroparticle physics research covers cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gamma rays; and their energy span from MeV to EeV. Fort short, a brief summary is shown in this figure.


  • 1990/9 ~ 1996/11 PhD + 1996/12 ~ 1998/6 Postdoc.: Fly’s Eye group, University of Utah.
  • Thesis topic is “Anisotropy of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECR)”
  • Subject: cosmic rays at above 1017eV.
  • 1998/6 ~ 2001/11: Postdoc at Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica.
  • Experiment: “Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)”
  • Subject: Cosmic rays at energy from 108 eV to several 1010 eV, the lowest end cosmic ray spectrum!
  • Contributions: geomagnetic field model and study of secondary albedo particles detected in AMS-1 space shuttle flight in 1998.
  • 2001/12 ~ 2003/7, Postdoc at high energy physics experiment group, NTU.
  • Experiment: NuTel, a telescope for detection of Earth-skimming neutrinos.
  • Subjects: neutrinos at above 1015 eV
  • Contributions: (1) First order simulation code for NuTel; (2) Feasibility study of NuTel based on Hawaii Big Island site.
  • 2003/8 ~ Now: Assistant professor, National United University
  • Neutrinos:
    • Experiment: NuTel and CRTNT
    • Simulation: Update neutrino interaction code with full Monte-Carlo code and physics, which comes from collaborator Prof. Lin Guey-Lin of NCTU.
    • Subjects: neutrinos at above 1015 eV
  • Cosmic rays:
    • Experiment: Establish an air shower detector (CRITE) using scintillators.
    • Simulation: Continue study on albedo particle distribution in near Earth orbits
  • Gamma rays (2006/3 ~ now):
    • Experiment: Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT), an international collaboration with Space Science Laboratory, UC-Berkeley.
    • Subject: gamma ray at 0.2 MeV to 10 MeV
    • Instrument: NCT solar power system
  • Solar Energy (2007/8 ~ now) :
    • Transfer to department of energy and resources, NUU.
    • Instrument: concentrating solar power and sun tracker.