jiro mastumoto

Matsumoto, Jiro 松本路朗


Distinguished Junior Fellow

Home Institution



Ph.D. in Physics, Nagoya University
B.S. in Physics, Ibaraki University


R813, Astro-Math building, NTU






2010: Nagoya University Academic Award


Current Research Interests

How was the Universe born? What will the Universe experience? I am studying the physics of dark energy, dark matter, and inflation in order to give an answer for these questions. In particular, I’m carefully researching evolutions of the matter density perturbation and the behaviors of the spherically symmetric solution in each model of dark energy and modified gravity. Dynamical system approach is being also used to investigate the general properties of the models.


Selected Publications

  1. J. Matsumoto and S. Nojiri, “Reconstruction of k-essence model,” Phys. Lets. B, 236 (2010) [arXiv;1001.0220[hep-th]].
  2. K. Bamba, J. Matsumoto and S. Nojiri,“Cosmological perturbations in k-essence model,” Phys. Rev. D85, 084026 (2012) [arXiv:1109.1308[hep-th]].
  3. J. Matsumoto, S. D. Odintsov and S. V. Sushkov, “Cosmological perturbations in a mimetic matter model,” Phys. Rev. D 91, no.6, 064062 (2015) [arXiv:1501.02149[gr-qc]].
  4. J. Matsumoto and S. V. Sushkov, “Cosmology with non minimal kinetic coupling and a Higgs-like potential,” JCAP 1511, no. 11, 047 (2015) [arXiv:1510.03264[gr-qc]].
  5. Jiro Matsumoto, “Phantom crossing dark energy in Horndeski’s theory,” Phys. Rev. D 97, 123538 (2018).


I finished a doctorate at Nagoya University in 2013. After receiving Ph.D., I worked as a postdoctoral fellow for one year in Tohoku University and for three years in Kazan Federal University.