Huang, Hsiang-Ming黃向銘

Home Institution

Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan University


B.S. in Physics, NTU, 2022/23 Exchange Student, UBC





Growing up in an environment that gave me a lot of freedom, I learned physics as a natural science field that explains and predicts the phenomena presented by nature. These powerful perspectives of physics motivate me to study physics in order to understand the world more. Until I started doing research in cosmology, I realized the things I knew about physics in the past were merely a part of studying physics. They might provide me a viewpoint to understand the world but they won’t be completed, and that’s why we keep doing research. Now, with a slightly broadened understanding, I value and appreciate my ability to learn about nature through well-tested theoretical models. I believe in the assumption of the natural science written in Cosmology’s Century: An Inside History of Our Modern Understanding of the Universe: “Nature operates by kinds of logic and rules that we can discover by careful examination of what is observed, informed by past experience of what has worked.” Based on this belief, by focusing on both the theory and observation, I wish to build up my understanding of nature. LeCosPa as a cosmology and particle physics research institute, can provide me with resources to achieve my goal.
In addition to physics, I am interested in philosophy and art.