Tea Time

The LeCosPA Tea Time, held every Tuesday at 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, is an informal gathering of LeCosPA members and guests once a week. During the Tea Time we share the latest papers from the arXiv and other resources and have a short talk from one of our members or visitors. Food and drink are served. Everyone is welcomed to join us.


(To chairs: please send out announcement to members@ntu.edu.tw before each tea time.)


Date Organizer
March 5 Yuan Fang
March 12 Jiro Matsumoto
March 19 BK Shin
March 26 Ryo Saito
April 2 Study holiday
April 9 Chih-Ching Chen
April 16 TC Liu
April 23 Jiwoo Nam
April 30 Yuan Fang
May 7 Ryo Saito
May 14 Chih-Ching Chen
May 21 TC Liu
May 28 Jiwoo Nam
June 4 Yuan Fang
June 11 Ryo Saito
June 14 Class ends
July 2 Summer vacation starts