Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics Welcomes Three Highly Accomplished Scientists

Leung Center for Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics National Taiwan University is delighted to extend a warm welcome to three highly accomplished scientists who have graciously accepted our invitation to join as scholars. Their exceptional contributions to the field of science have brought about significant advancements and garnered worldwide recognition. Allow us to introduce these distinguished scholars along with their profile pictures.


Name: Micharl R.R.Good
Position: Associate Professor
Home Institution: Nazarbayev University
Mail: michael.good@nu.edu.kz



Prof. Good received the B.Sc. in Physics with Highest Honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, under the advisement of Prof. David R. Finkelstein, (PhD, MIT; whose coordinates removed the singularity in the Schwarzschild metric convincing the physics community of the physical existence of black holes).  Prof. Good then attended the University of Hawaii as a Manoa Scholar in the Physics and Astronomy Department and the Institute for Astronomy.

Prof. Good obtained the M.Sc. and PhD. in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where Peter Higgs wrote his paper on the Higgs boson-2013 Nobel Prize, see also.).  He was advised by both Prof. Charles R. Evans (Caltech post-doc under Kip Thorne, 2017 Nobel Prize); and Prof. Paul R. Anderson (PhD, UCSB under James Hartle of the Hartle-Hawking wavefunction of the universe). As a MSc student, Prof. Good took General Relativity at Duke University from Prof. Ronen Plesser (PhD Harvard- a well-known string theorist).  As a PhD. student, Prof. Good was a visiting researcher at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University in 2009.

From 2011 to 2014 he was a Postdoctoral Scientist and Senior Research Fellow in Singapore at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the Nanyang Technological University in the quantum cosmology research group.  Here he helped discover black hole quantum vortices, and did pioneering work in relativistic superfluidity with MIT Prof. Kerson Huang (who authored the widely used graduate textbook, Statistical Mechanics).

In August 2014 he joined Nazarbayev University as Assistant Professor. He has authored over 50 papers in high-impact, peer-reviewed, international journals such as the Journal of High Energy Physics, Classical and Quantum Gravity, and Physical Review D. He has won awards from the American Association of Physics Teachers, the National Science Foundation, NASA, Raytheon, the American Physical Society, MIT, and the Julian Schwinger Foundation. He was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award from the University of North Carolina, and the University-level Teaching Award from Nazarbayev University.

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Name: Masahiro Hotta
Position: Adjunct Fellow
Home Institution: Tohoku University
Mail: hotta@tuhep.phys.tohoku.ac.jp


Employment History

Years: 1993-

Rank or Position: Assistant Professor

助教(常勤) in Japanese, meaning Professor who is not full professor but who is tenured Institution: Tohoku University

Years: 1991-1993

Rank or Position: Research Fellowship for Young Scientists Institution: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science



“Quantum Information and Physics of Spacetime” (「量子情報と時空の物理」in Japanese), Masahiro Hotta, (ISBN JAN 4910054700145, Science-Sha, Tokyo, 2014). The second edition will be printed in 2019.

“Quantum Mechanics: A Modern Introduction” (「入門現代の量子力学」in Japanese), Masahiro Hotta, (ISBN JAN 9784065239230, Kodansha, Tokyo, 2021). Essay

“Quantum Energy Teleportation” (「量子エネルギーテレポーテーション」in Japanese), Masahiro Hotta and Go Yusa, Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (日本物理学会誌), Physical Society of Japan 69, 613, (2014).

“Information Stored in Correlations and Quantum Information Capsule” (「相関に 記憶される情報と量子情報カプセル」in Japanese), Koji Yamaguchi and Masahiro Hotta, Nihon Butsuri Gakkaishi (日本物理学会誌), Physical Society of Japan 75, 284, (2020).

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Name: Yeom,Dong-han
Position: Associate Professor
Home Institution: Pusan National University
Web: Laboratory of Classical and Quantum Theory of Gravity (Korean)
Mail: innocent.yeom@gmail.com


Current Research Interestsblack hole information loss problem, Euclidean quantum gravity, canonical quantum gravity, quantum gravity and applications for physical cosmology

Biography: I came from Korea. Apart from research, I like books, including philosophy, history, culture, etc. Although my Chinese is poor yet, if it is possible, I want to increase my Chinese skill to read books those are written by Chinese. I like to play piano, especially contemporary Christian music. I like baseball, but not for playing but for watching. I like coffee and I am a heavy coffee drinker.


Name: Haret-Codratian
Position: Full Professor
Program (MS/PhD) and Year: PhD: 1987, Bucharest, Romania
Home Institution: Potosi Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IPICyT)
Education: Physics
Mail: hcr@ipicyt.edu.mx

1980-1990 Astronomy and Space Sciences Institute, Bucharest, Romania
1990-1993 ICTP, Trieste , Italy
1993-2001: Institute of Physics, Leon, Mexico
2002- to date: IPICyT, San Luis Potosi, Mexico