Director Roman Hvězda, ELI Beamline Research, member of a high level Czech Republic science delegation, visited LeCosPA on September 20.


Director Roman Hvězda and Director Pisin Chen at the 7F lobby in CCLCH.

A high level Czech Republic science delegation visited Taiwan for a week on September18-23. The delegation was led by Chair of Czech Republic’s Senate Science, Education, Culture, and Human Rights Committee, Jiri Drahos. The 14-member delegation included Czech Academy of Sciences President, Eva Zazimalova,, Director of the ELI Beamlines Research Center, Roman Hvězda, and officials from the fields of education, science, and technology, as well as experts in epidemic prevention and information security.

ELI Beamline Research Center operates and provides international scientists with one of the most advanced, state-of-the-art laser facility. Director Roman Hvězda visited the LeCosPA with gusto. Since LeCosPA Director, Professor Pisin Chen visited ELI in 2018, the two institutions have been in active collaboration. Taking the opportunity of Director Roman Hvězda’s visit, Director Pisin Chen enthusiastically showed him the international architecture award-winning Leung Cosmology Hall with the bronze statues of the four Giants of Cosmology in the atrium, and explained to him LeCosPA research activities in the center’ Spacetime Exploratorino. They agreed to further enhance mutual collaborations between the two sides.


 Director Roman Hvězda and Director  Pisin Chen at Spacetime Exploratorino(1)


Director Roman Hvězda and Director  Pisin Chen at Spacetime Exploratorino(2)


 Director Roman Hvězda and Director  Pisin Chen at the 1F lobby in CCLCH.