Congratulations!LeCosPA fellow Keisuke Izumi Now an assistant professor in KMI, Nagoya University, Japan

Photo-1In August 2016, a former member of LeCosPA, Keisuke Izumi, became a faculty member at Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI), Nagoya University, in Japan.

Keisuke was a member in theoretical group of LeCosPA from Sep. 2011 to June 2015. His main fields are gravitational theory and cosmology. He wrote 19 papers in LeCosPA with his collaborators (including LeCosPA members and students). One of paper with Yen Chin, who was a student in LeCosPA, was selected as a 2013-2014 highlight of Classical and Quantum Gravity.

DSC03820(Group photo @ LeCosPA)

Keisuke moved to Barcelona University as a postdoctoral fellow in July 2015. He belonged to string-theory group there and worked on higher dimensional Black hole physics.   (in Catalan)

Photo-2(Photo @ Sagrada Família, a famous church in Barcelona)

Photo-3(Photo @ Montblanc, a castle town in Catalunya)

Now, Keisuke is an assistant professor in KMI, Nagoya University, Japan. He keeps working on gravitational physics and give lectures in department of Mathematics in Nagoya University.

Photo-4(Photo in front of KMI building @ Nagoya U.)