Congratulation! 2016 NTU-CTS Best Paper Award goes to LeCosPA Students: Hsu-Wen Chiang, Yao-Chieh Hu, and Yu-Hsiang Lin; Che-Yu Chen wins CTS Student Scholarship.


From left to right: Yu-Hsiang Lin, Che-Yu Chen, Prof. Pisin Chen, Yao-Chieh Hu, and Hsu-Wen Chiang.


LeCosPA students in the theory group: Che-Yu Chen, Hsu-Wen Chiang, Yao-Chieh Hu and Yu-Hsiang Lin won the “2016 best paper award” from the Center for Theoretical Science, National Taiwan University (NTU-CTS). In addition, Che-Yu Chen was also awarded the NTU-CTS Student Scholarship.In the afternoon of May 25th, they presented their research to the audience during the award ceremony. It is a new record that so many students from LeCosPA won the NTU-CTS award. We wish to congratulate these students for their achievements, and we hope that they will continue to contribute to theoretical physics in their future, better, research. Let us now learn more about their award-winning works!


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